Top 14 UK startups granted £500,000 by MassChallenge UK

Startup accelerator MassChallenge UK has awarded 14 UK startups £500,000 in no equity cash.

The ‘Diamond Winners’, awarded £50,000 each, included Cambridge Bio Augmentation Systems, a medical devices company making connectors for amputated limbs, and MOM Incubators, a startup with plans to manufacture incubators designed to decrease the number of premature child deaths within refugee camps.

Other startups to scoop the £50,000 award were Preliminal Games, Renovagen, Sinclair Fire and Shoot.

The winners were whittled down from 90 startups, almost half of which are London-based, including translator Babelverse, travel memory collator Timelooper, investor portfolio manager Xenapto and branded content platform Vidsy, the last of which was awarded £25,000.

John Harthorne, MassChallenge chief executive and founder, said: “This year has set a solid foundation for growth and I look forward to great progress in the years to come.”

The full list of winners:

£50,000 Diamond Winners
Cambridge Bio Augmentation Systems (@CBioAugSystems)
MOM Incubators (@momincubators)
Preliminal Games (@preliminalgames)
Renovagen (@renovagen)
Sinclair Fire (@SinclairFire)
Shoot (@ShootGardening)

£25,000 Gold Winners
BuyerDeck (@buyerdeck)
Glisser (@glisser)
Great Little Place (GLP) (@glpLondon)
Live Better With (@lbwcancer)
twosigmas (@twosigmas_)
Vidsy (@vidsysocial)
Zipcube (@zipcube)

In-Kind Silver Winners
Carbon Analytics (@co2analytics)
Compare and Share (@compareandshare)
DOYA Medical Ltd.
FoPo Food Powder (@hellofopo)
GiveVision (@givevision_net)
Gormley & Gamble (@gormley_gamble)
HelpingB (@helpingb)
RE-VANA (@re_vana)
Resonance (@ResonanceCEO)
Talent Rank (@fmrank)
Unique Insights
World Around Me (@wamapp)