High-Tech Grunderfonds (HTGF) has led a €1m seed round in Threedium along with Kinisis Investment (KI), Sandhutch and George Zarifis.

The London-based tech startup has developed a 3D product configuration and visualisation platform. It will use the investment to further advance its 3D SaaS platform and expand into Germany, U.S. and other European markets.

Threedium, which was founded in 2017, has built traction in the UK by supporting large enterprises such as Sainsburys, Douglas, Johnson & Johnson and Mercedes in optimising their customers’ online digital experience, building stronger online user-engagement and making their online product display more life-like.

In September, the company demonstrated its value within the FMCG sector with its 3D viewer of the relaunch of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo which generated a 15% click-thru rate (CTR) on-site, against typical norms in the category
of less than 1%.

The company also extends the 3D product view into AR campaigns without the need of an app, which can be served across all digital channels.

“Before we started Threedium, everyone felt that 3D technology was expensive, slow-to-load and hard to implement. Threedium have disproved by providing 3D solutions across large and small sized companies and creating activations across ecommerce sites, and retailers and through ad exchange platforms. Our mission is to continue our approach in democratising 3D web technologies for all brands, agencies or individuals”, said Mike Charalambous, CEO of Threedium.

“On average 3D display increases conversion rates by 1.3x, doubles the amount of time users spend on-site, enhances Click-Thru Rates by 300% and drops product returns by 18%”, added Lode Groosman, Chief Commercial Officer of Threedium.