Three reasons why small is beautiful

smallisbeautifulHaving an OK business is OK. You’ve branched out, made the leap into being a business owner, and you’ll be doing what you love every day, and that’s OK.

But what about being a remarkable business? Running a business that is leagues better than just OK. A business that inspires others. A business that does more, and is more, than it has to be. A business that isn’t just a business, but something that people eat, sleep, breathe, and live. A remarkable business.

As a startup or small business, you are in the perfect position to create a truly remarkable business. You are not a faceless corporation, and you have taken the leap into business fuelled by passion and creativity. Your business is small and beautiful; so let it play to your strengths.

What makes a business remarkable? Being brilliant isn’t something that people are born with. It takes guts, because being remarkable means you’re different – and for a lot of people, that’s quite scary.

If you believe in your business enough to start it, then draw on that confidence and self-belief, and take it to the next level.

Go the extra mile and don’t make excuses

You can’t just decide you want to be fabulous; you have to act like it too. Start doing more than necessary, and do it all out of the goodness of your heart.

Moo.com’s Paul Lewis

How can you make life easier for your customers? Can you ensure they have the best possible experience? Be the company that customers think must be too good to be true.

At the same time, stop saying why you cannot do something or why you didn’t do something else – either do it, or stop complaining that you can’t! A negative outlook can bring down an entire team; so instead focus on what you can do. Maybe there’s no chance of beating a multinational company, but you can be better than them locally. Make a decision to always see the good, not the bad.

You also have to learn to say no. If something might compromise your company’s authenticity or character, say no. Don’t feel bad about it, and don’t get tricked into thinking it is what you want.

You know the core values and principles at the heart of your business, so do not detract from them, and diminish your reputation. Being amazing is all about choosing the best opportunities, rather than grabbing anything that comes along.

At the same time, don’t settle for second best. If you want something, go after it, and don’t just assume that it’s out of your control or reach. Unless you want something that really is out of your control. Successful start-ups set their goals high, and even if they don’t always succeed, they often end up better off than everyone else.

Be different and learn to take risks

As a small business owner, you cannot fight the big boys who have multi-million pound advertising campaigns, but you can play a different game altogether. Be unconventional, be real, and be different.

You can’t fight fire with fire, but you can twist things up. Stay true to your promise and your passion, but don’t be afraid to push the boundaries and experiment with new ideas.

Similarly, don’t play it safe! Small businesses that want to be different, be spoken about, and be known, need to take risks. It is far too easy to stay within your comfort zone, but often the best campaigns and ideas come when you take a huge leap outside of it. Be edgy, and people will respond accordingly. You’ve already taken a huge risk in starting a business, so use that mindset and push it to the edge.

Get a personality

If your business were a person, what would they be like? A remarkable company will come alive and take on a persona of its own – so make sure it’s a good one. This not just about the leadership of the business, but also about the people who work for it.

Your business is much more than logos, adverts, and letterheads – it’s the people who work underneath it, and want it to succeed.

Even though this business is your baby, find like-minded people who will be just as passionate, believe in the same principles as you, and want the same things for the company. A team of staff who can live, eat, breathe, and sleep your idea will make a huge difference.

Above all, think of your customers. Service with a smile is great, but you want to be remarkable, so bear it in mind in all you do, say, think, and offer.

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