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These ambitious UK tech entrepreneurs made it to the Forbes ‘30 under 30 list in 2021′

The ‘2021 Forbes European technology 30 Under 30‘ list has been released and it includes the most successful entrepreneurs from every corner of the world. 

This year’s judges are 2020 Under 30 alum Hanno Renner (co-founder and CEO, Personio), Luciana Lixandru (Partner at Sequoia), Ida Tin (co-founder and CEO, Clue), and Laurel Bowden (partner at 83North). 

UKTN decided to dig into the technology industry list from Forbes and find out how many UK-based tech entrepreneurs made it to the list. So here it is.

Tobi Ajala, 28, Founder, TechTee

HQ: London

Tobi Ajala is a software engineer and former Apple employee who founded TechTee in 2017, a digital agency specialising in software development and design in luxury and fashion. Based out of London, TechTee works with Gucci, Deutsche Bank, M&S, Black Ballad, and Apple.

Nicolai Baldin, 29, Founder, Synthesized

HQ: London

Nicolai Baldin, CEO and co-founder of Synthesized is a Russian native, who moved to the UK and got his Ph.D. in machine learning from the University of Cambridge. Synthesized unlocks the full potential of commercial data through AI whilst protecting people’s privacy. 

Image credits: Hopin

Johnny Boufarhat, 28, Founder, Hopin

HQ: London

Johnny Boufarhat holds a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Manchester. He founded the ‘Covid double unicorn’ Hopin, the London-based Zoom rival in 2019, where users can learn, interact, and connect with people from around the globe.

A few weeks back, the company raised $400 million (approx £291 million), tripling its valuation in just a year of its launch to $5.65 billion (approx £4.1 billion).

Chris Butcher, 29, Co-founder, Portify

HQ: London

Chris Butcher is a commercial-minded software engineer and holds a degree in Computer Science and Business studies from the University of Warwick. Founded along with Sho Sugihara (CEO of Portify) the platform offers a new way to build credit scores without a credit check, interest, or credit card debt. The company is on a mission to build credit scores for millions of people across the UK. 

Mariam Jimoh, 28, Founder, Oja

HQ: London

Mariam Jimoh is a serial entrepreneur, strategy consultant, and diversity specialist. The UCL STEM graduate worked as the M&A Banker at Rothschild & Co. She founded Oja in 2018 in an attempt to transform access to cultural groceries & world foods. 

She started her first business WCAN, a social enterprise specialising in working with black female students and young professionals in progressing their careers within several different corporate sectors.

Eshita Kabra

Eshita Kabra, 29, Founder, By Rotation 

HQ: London

Eshita is the founder and CEO of By Rotation, the social fashion rental app. She has been listed as one of the “14 Inspiring Women Leading The Fight Against Climate Change” and one of the “15 Women Decolonising Sustainable Fashion”.

Ryan Howell, 28 & Elliott Round, 26, Co-founders, M-XR

HQ: London

Ryan Howell and Elliott Round are developing the next-generation 3D capture system for accurate and automatic 3D conversion of the real world.

Annika Monari, 27, Co-founder, Artos Systems 

HQ: London

MSci Physics degree holder from Imperial College London, Annika Monari founded Artos in 2018 to solve issues in event ticketing commerce with blockchain. Artos’ e-Commerce and deal negotiation platform helps Agrifoods companies, regardless of size, generate more new business, and close deals, faster.

Nikola Mrksic, 29, Co-founder, Polyai 

HQ: London

Nikola is the CEO and Co-founder of PolyAI, a London-based startup developing the next generation machine learning platform for conversational artificial intelligence. 

Nikola completed his Ph.D. at the University of Cambridge, working with Professor Steve Young. He also did Cambridge Computer Science Tripos, including a Master’s thesis on Bayesian machine learning with Professor Zoubin Ghahramani. He worked as a machine learning researcher with the Apple Siri team in Cambridge.

Akshay Ruparelia, 22, Founder, Doorsteps 

HQ: London

Founded by Akshay Ruparelia in 2016, Doorsteps is an online real estate agency where you can sell your home online for a very affordable price. Last year, the company reached a profit for the first time since starting the company.

Leo Scott Smith, 26, Founder, Tended

HQ: Lincoln

At 22, Smith established Tended to prevent workplace accidents and fatalities, and create a positive safety culture, through a combination of wearable technology and behavioural science. 

Notably, Leo has been involved in businesses, charities, and projects of varying natures, from working on a £550K EU-funded B2B tech programme to managing teams of up to 40 people in third-world disaster zones.

Kyriakos Eleftheriou, 28 & Raouf Yousfi, 28, Co-founders, Terra


Founded by Kyriakos Eleftheriou, and Raouf Yousfi in 2020, Terra is an API that makes it easy for developers to access fitness and health data from wearables and sensors.