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The UK bagged more funding than any other European country since Brexit vote

The UK has received more funding than any other European tech hub in the two years since the Brexit vote, new figures show. 

Despite worries than leaving the EU could dampen the UK’s position as a leading tech hub, British tech companies attracted almost three times more venture capital investment than any other European country, according to research from London & Partners.

The figures also show that since June 2016, UK tech companies have received over £5bn in VC funding – more than France (£1.55bn), Germany (£2.15bn) and Sweden (£644m) combined.

Still, over 80% of all venture capital money invested into the UK since the EU referendum vote went straight to London, making it the top city for VC funding. The capital attracted over £4bn of investment – ahead of Paris (£1.14bn), Berlin (£814m) and Stockholm (£542m)....