The Trampery blends tech and the arts with new creative centre


East London warehouse to get the Trampery touch

The Trampery have teamed up with the Barbican to open Fish Island Labs, a new creative centre in the shadow of the Olympic Park.

The centre will house about 50 practitioners whose talent spans both technology and the arts. They hope to “kickstart the careers of a new generation of emerging talent”.

The new development will be based in a Victorian warehouse by the River Lea. The area has become a hotspot for tech with Here East, a partner of Fish Island Labs, announced a new centre at the Olympic Park.

An art incubation

Over 10 months, the community will develop new work, covering everything from sculpture, installations and physical performance to coding, film editing and digital art.

Fish Island Labs takes inspiration from tech’s incubation model and will provide support for everyone who takes part in the programme.

This will include talks and one-to-one mentoring from figures across the arts, technology and business worlds as well as workshops on issues such as intellectual property, social media and crowdfunding.


Bringing tech to arts

The Trampery already have three tech workspaces in Shoreditch, Clerkenwell & London Fields.

Charles-Armstrong-HeadCharles Armstrong, Founder and Director of The Trampery, explains the venture into the arts:

As digital technology opens the door to creative possibilities across an ever-widening spectrum of disciplines, we have a fascinating opportunity to bring people together from different backgrounds and practices and see what they create together.

Fish Island Labs remakes the structure of a tech accelerator for the new generation of digital arts.