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TechHub picks Boston for first US coworking space

TechHub has opened up in Boston to help support local startups and ensure its global network of entrepreneurs can get easier access to the US market.

TechHub, which was founded in London in 2010, already has a presence in Bangalore, Bucharest, Berlin, Riga and Swansea, providing workspace, advice and events for its members.

The team in Boston has secured a 7,500 sq ft space in Somerville.

New members pay $450 for an entry-level membership, or $250 for current students, which gets them 20 hours’ access every month to any of the TechHub spaces

Elizabeth Varley, CEO of TechHub told Tech City News that they had chosen Boston because the lower cost of living, and therefore salaries, compared to other US tech bases, like New York and San Francisco, would mean developer budgets stretch further.

She said there are 53 universities within a short distance and an investment community that is just waking up to the opportunities already being taken advantage of in places like London.

Boston is home to RunKeeper and TripAdvisor, as well as the HQ of Zipcar.