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How to raise funding if your tech startup is not based in London


Roger Carson, co-founder of Encompass Corporation, shares his advice on how technology startups based outside of London can get access to venture capital funding. 

London is not only the tech capital of Europe, but when it comes to FinTech some argue it’s fast emerging as the FinTech capital of the world, but sometimes that shadows the huge success of tech, and FinTech, outside of the nation’s capital.

Infact, in 2016, more was invested in tech in the UK outside of London than invested in any other European Country. Last year, a staggering £4.4bn was invested, either through equity or venture capital, outside of London.

The wealth of talent in many of the UK’s leading university towns and cities, generous incentives and tax breaks by the UK government, plus an array of generous funding schemes offered by many of the UK’s cities and regions have all contributed to tech hubs growing up in Cambridge, Oxford, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Cardiff and elsewhere....