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Tech in the East of England: Spectral Edge raises $5.3m, tech startups get a boost and more

Tim Robinson, COO of TechEast, shares his monthly roundup of the biggest tech news stories from East Anglia.

April kicked off to a positive start: according to research from RSM, the number of technology startups in the region is up 46% in the last year – 660 East Anglian software development businesses were set up in 2017, compared to 452 in 2016.  

Cambridge image tech startup Spectral Edge, raises $5.3m

Spectral Edge has raised $5.3m (£3.72m) in series A funding from previous investors, Parkwalk Advisors and IQ Capital.

The image processing firm combines cutting-edge imaging tech with machine learning to provide sharper pictures and videos on mass-market devices. Spectral Edge’s tech has a wide range of applications, including mobile, security, and live video streaming. ...