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Tech City News unveils Elevator Pitch Series 5 winners

Tech City News has unveiled the 15 startup winners of the Elevator Pitch Series 5 competition, whittled down from a fantastic group of 30 finalists by our team of expert dragons.

Covering every aspect of tech, from hardware, to consumer solutions and enterprise software, the winners will now be whisked away to a top secret location to film a 30-second video, with each company featured as Startup of the Week over the rest of this year.

Judges 2015

The  judges at the event at Eight Members Club included: Tech City News editor Ryan Fowler, Sarah Drinkwater, head of campus at Google Campus London, Seb Abigail from Knight Frank commercial property consultants, Patrick Imbach, head of high growth technology group at KPMG, and Pradeep Raman, an investor at Forward Partners.

Raman said: “Tech City News has swiftly emerged as a valuable contributor to the burgeoning London startup scene. It was great to be involved in judging the competition. As an investor looking to back promising entrepreneurs, I found the companies to be of a high caliber and the process very efficient and enjoyable.”

The Winners


Flagd is about connecting the right recruiters, with the right contractors, at the right time.


Sauce is ecommerce segmentation for smart marketers, allowing for simple yet advanced targeting of customers based on who they are and how they shop online.

The Smarty

The Smarty is a powerful software platform that makes running your business easy.


Follogro helps build your potential fanbase on Twitter.


WeJaunt is a social travel marketplace that enables users to form social groups based on shared friends and reference points.


Splitcab is London’s first iOS and Android app that makes booking and sharing minicabs easy.


HomeTouch is an elderly care digital startup.


WonderLuk is a curated online destination for personalised 3D printed jewellery and fashion accessories.


Makerble tackles distrust in charities head on so that people who want to give have one less thing holding them back.


Happus is all about connecting the 10 million people in the UK that are still currently offline.


Sup is a free mobile app that makes chance encounters and serendipitous moments with friends happen more often.


What3Words is a global grid of 57trn 3mx3m squares. Each square has a unique fixed 3-word address. This means everyone and everywhere now has an address.


Hackajob is an online platform that uses a unique matchmaking algorithm to find candidates jobs tailored to their skills and expectations.


RotaGeek aims to make staff scheduling simple.


Described as ‘Uber for Journalists’, PayDesk allows you to find, hire and pay a freelance journalist.