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Tech Chats: EY’s Michael Von der Geest on making money from digital innovation

Tech Chats May 2017

In this video interview, we speak with Michael Von der Geest from EY about how startups can make money from aiding companies in their digital innovation.

How do small and medium sized businesses make money from digital innovation?

I think there’s a lot of opportunity – it’s such a vast topic at the moment. But I really section this up into three areas. The first one is business to consumer – retail-like propositions – frankly I find that that area is flooded. The second is areas like the Internet of Things, those machine-to-machine relationships. I think that has an opportunity, but the time horizons for monetising feel a bit distant for me.

What we’re working a lot in and what we’re seeing significant opportunities in is the business-to-business space, to create a consumer-like proposition in those markets....