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TalentRocket launches job search site for millennials

Job search site for millennials TalentRocket has launched to let users build connections with companies they’d love to work for (even when they’re not looking).

Founded by ex-recruiter Chris Platts and Mark Hla a software entrepreneur, TalentRocket is focusing initially on the London digital market. For Platts, it was the obvious choice: “Not only are companies expanding rapidly, but since most of our initial companies are startups they naturally understand the importance of cultural fit when it comes to hiring.”

According to global research company Gallup, 83% of the UK workforce is disengaged at work. So then why is only 20% of the workforce actively looking to move jobs? TalentRocket thinks they may have the answer. The problem is that most people feel uncomfortable with the notion of searching job boards or speaking to recruiters.

TalentRocket enables people to grow their career network without actively engaging in a job search. Users can browse companies with amazing cultures and working environments and also receive news and insights into what working there would be like.

“It’s important to see what life could be like elsewhere before you start to look, rather than waiting until things get so bad that you make a rushed decision about which company to join,” said Platts. “Unlike LinkedIn, which is open to spam messaging from recruiters, TalentRocket is private; users get to choose which companies can see their profile and eliminates the need for agency recruiters in the process.”

TalentRocket already boasts some of the best London tech companies to work for including Moo.com, Mind Candy, Uber and YPlan who have chosen to promote their company culture via the platform.

TalentRocket brings different elements of company culture into one place including video content and live feeds from Instagram and Twitter.

Through this it aims to help people find companies that align with their personal values and interests and increase the chances of long term cultural fit.

Platt said: “We have six TalentRocket badges to help you choose companies based on what’s important to you. These include ‘Might be giants’ for fast growth startups, ‘It’s all good’ for social businesses and ‘ideas factory’ for collaborative work environments..

“Because of this, TalentRocket only features companies that are able to authentically demonstrate their culture in a way that appeals directly to people who want to enjoy a career less ordinary.

“TalentRocket capitalises on the global changing attitude towards work. Most millennials define career success by how meaningful work is. We want to work for companies that value innovation, flexibility, collaboration, ownership and purpose.”

In fact, recent studies suggest that 84% of millennials say making a difference is more important than professional recognition and 92% believe businesses should be measured by more than their profits.

This trend is only set to continue. By 2025, over 75% of the global workforce will be made up of Millennials who demand a work-life blend not just work-life balance.