Take a Break from CAPTCHAs with KitKat


Are you tired of filling out these forms? Never quite sure what the distorted text says?

CAPTCHAs are those annoying security measures that prove you’re human and not a computer bot when you fill in forms.

While security is of course important, much like queuing at security in airports, nobody ever really enjoys the process.

Enter Future Ad Labs, the company behind PlayCaptcha, an interactive alternative to CAPTCHAs. We covered their launch back in October, and now they’ve landed KitKat as their latest client.


Interactive brand engagement

KitKat used Future Ad Labs’ PlayCaptcha technology to create an interactive game that also offers brand engagement.

Visitors are asked to swipe the finger over the foil to open the KitKat, either with their finger on a touch screen or with a mouse on a PC.

Future Ad Labs have already tested the technology with Heinz and Reckitt Benckiser in which users pour salad cream over a sandwich and drag a dirty penny through a bowl of Cillit Bang.

Commenting on the new game, Gill Watson of Nestle said:

“At KitKat we always try to find new and interesting ways for consumers to enjoy our product, so PlayCaptcha is an exciting way to extend our Have a Break brand equity”

Next, finding a game to rid everyone of airport security queues.