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Startups must constantly evolve if they are to succeed

Charles Darwin

Simon Calver, partner at VC firm BGF Ventures, explains that the secret to success in business is the ability to adapt and evolve. 

As we approach the General Election and the negotiation over our departure from the EU, there is a tendency to assume that the future will be more troubled, if not bleak. However this ignores some of the finest characteristics of our community of tech founders in the UK. Technology progress, by its very nature, never stands still and it is this environment that produces leaders with inherent and amazing adaptability.


Survival is about being the fittest, as Darwin taught us, but he also knew being fit for your environment required the ability to adapt. Ice ages, heat waves and flooding were all evolutionary speed bumps that many species overcame. But not all species could overcome the new challenges. The weak did not survive. We see this echoed time and time again in the startup world....