Startup investment: the Seedrs monthly round-up

The Seedrs monthly round up for August 2019 includes a variety of investments and prominent funding for companies in tech sector. Click here to see the round up from July.


How much raised: £2,489,190

Number of investors: 1,397

Who are the investors: Investors on crowdfunding site Seedrs

For what: Proceeds from this raise will be used to launch in international markets, develop new products and invest in new partnerships.

  • WeSwap is an award-winning peer-to-peer currency platform
  • Recently hit 500,000 users and £250 million in global currency traded on the platform since launch in 2015
  • Operates booking flow integrations with online travel partners
  • The round will support the Series B investment round launched led by IW Capital, WeSwap’s primary and lead investor


How much raised: £661,135

Number of investors: 480

For what: Proceeds will be used for investing in technology, entrance into new markets and product development

  • Yeilders is an award-winning real-estate investment platform
  • The UK’s first Islamic-finance friendly fintech company regulated by the FCA
  • Wants to lower the barrier of entry to a classically inaccessible asset class
  • Completed over £6m assets under management
  • Secured £20m of new property dealflow


How much raised: £519,607

Number of investors: 219

For what: The investment will be used to launch its new product NowLight

  • Deciwatt creates renewable energy products that allow users to make light and power. Instantly
  • Its first product ‘GravityLight’ attracted the attention of millions of people by harnessing the energy potential of gravity to power an LED lamp
  • Now launching a new product, NowLight, which creates instant light and power from the pull of a cord
  • In 2018 partnered with the Red Cross to test pre-production samples in refugee camps in Rwanda and Uganda


How much raised: £439,427

Number of investors: 354

For what: The investment will be used for membership acquisition, marketing campaigns and operational overheads

  • AnyGood? is the crowdsourced talent platform, using the power of the crowd to recruit
  • Members have a real-life relationship with the professionals they recommend so have an in-depth knowledge of their capabilities and suitability
  • 320 successful candidate referrals to date – the platform currently holds over 1,100 members
  • Currently on the Mayor of London’s Business Growth Programme


How much raised: £402,497

Number of investors: 219

Who are the investors: Investors on crowdfunding site Seedrs

For what: Funds raised will be invested into further developing the platform and employing more staff

  • Workhorse is the small business application platform enabling SMEs to work smarter and grow faster
  • The product integrates complex business processes that supports specific operations
  • Already on-boarded over 50 customers across 5 countries
  • Monthly recurring revenue of £8,600

Vitae London:

How much raised: €149,275

Number of investors: 166

Who are the investors: Investors on crowdfunding site Seedrs

For what: Funds raised will be used to make key hires, launch US fulfilment site and drive marketing channels

  • Vitae is a watch brand which supports education – a fashion brand looking to change lives
  • For each watch sold, Vitae provides a child in South Africa with the resources they need to access education
  • Sold in over 30 countries and distributed over 2,000 items of school uniform to children in need
  • Ambassadors include Richard Branson and Pharrell Williams