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Solving the tech challenges of driverless cars

Nick Chrissos, director of innovation, Europe, at Cisco, discusses the UK’s driverless future.

In the past 150 years, the pace of technological change in the transport industry has accelerated beyond belief. From the 1885 invention of the first ever automobile to the potential of driverless cars ushering in the next transport revolution, as humans we are constantly striving to improve the way we travel.

To state the obvious, there is a massive difference between driverless cars being developed and manufactured to deploying them on public highways. There are plenty of barriers to consider: from policy issues to cultural attitudes and, of course, the technical aspects of a move towards this new mobility system.

However, a new report titled ‘Anticipating autonomous: the UK’s driverless future’, commissioned by London’s Smart Mobility Living Lab, shows that the prevailing attitude toward connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) among business leaders is a positive one....