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Simplify Your Raspberry Pi with Pi Supply

Wish you had a simple on/off switch for your Raspberry pi? Simplify your life with the Pi Supply

Pi Supply is a simple power switch for your Raspberry Pi that allows you to switch it on and off without having to plug-in your adapter every time.

Having easily exceeded its modest initial target of £750, Pi Supply has added stretch goals to make the most of its Kickstarter campaign and has already passed the £5,500 mark.

Billed as an ‘intelligent’ power supply, Pi Supply features a hard on/off switch as well as an automatic shutdown function, so it works just like the power button on your desktop computer.

Pi Supply doubles as an introduction to electronics, as you will have to solder the components to the board yourself. Noobs, rest assured– London based Pi Supply promise it is suitable for beginners.

Stretch Goals Announced

The stretch goals include replacing the USB port with a micro-USB, replacing the cable with a flat noodle cable, plus some stickers and a solder screen.

Pi Supply is the first Kickstarter project by the London based company of the same name, and is an ideal piece of kit for the budding hacker. And yes, the designs are open source and will be released upon launch.