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Silicon Alley’s Finest Tour London’s Tech City

Back in May this year Prince Harry and the British Prime Minister rolled into New York on a new Routemaster Bus to announce the opening of the 2013 GREAT Tech Awards.

Nearly 6 months later the winners of the competition have been announced and are now in town touring the best of London’s Tech City.

The winners were invited to showcase their startups at an exclusive event at the Bakery co-working space last night.

Here’s our take on the best of Silicon Alley…


John Laramie, President and CEO of adstruct


adstruct, set out to change the face of the outdoor advertising world.

Building an online inventory making it possible for owners and advertisers to connect remotely.

Where once you would only see the potential of advertising space by driving around, now through the use of adstruct you can view and manage your advertising online.



Jason DeRoner, CEO TeachBoost
Jason DeRoner, CEO of TeachBoost

An innovative platform for teacher development that facilitates conversation between administrators and teachers.

Techboost felt that there was a need to develop a system that would improve education in New York.

By working closely with teachers, they realised that educational evaluation was punitive and heavily paper based.

By bringing the work online they hope to remove the friction from the coaching and development process.

Although built for the US educational system, they say that their tools are flexible and can adapt to any platform.


Dave Eisenberg, Founder of Floored
Dave Eisenberg, Founder of Floored


Looking at 2d floor plans of buildings, distorted photographs and uninspiring videos, it can be hard to imagine working or living in the space. Floored are a New York based engineering company with the aim of radically changing the way we think about realestate.

They use 3d cameras and the latest computer software to build a photo realistic representation of a building that you can navigate through on your computer or iPad.


Coppy Holzman, CEO of Charritybuz
Coppy Holzman, CEO of Charritybuz


“Pairing the satisfaction of getting with the reward of giving”

Charitybuzz are a modern philanthropy company that pair the people that want to give with charities.

Online auctions feature one in a lifetime opportunities that benefit hundreds of different causes.

These opportunities range from a private lunch with a world leader to playing against your sport hero.


David S. Rose, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Gust
David S. Rose, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Gust


Used by more than 1000 investment companies in 65 countries Gust is an online investment platform that matches startups with investors.

As a social media platform it provides users with search and filtering tools that allow investors to pinpoint startups that match their interests.