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Saul Klein: Becoming an entrepreneur is going mainstream

Dublin Web Summit kicked off with a bang this morning with Saul Klein celebrating the arrival of the era of entrepreneurship.

The partner at Index Ventures was one of the first speakers at the annual conference and explained that becoming an entrepreneur is quickly “going mainstream”.

Klein highlighted the 55m who now claim to be interested in entrepreneurship on Facebook as growing evidence for the movement.

Global movement

“New entrepreneurs can come from anywhere,” added Klein.

He went on to show that Dublin, the host city of the conference, and Tel Aviv were creating more entrepreneurs than anywhere else and lamented universities who were holding back innovation.

Very few universities in the UK are promoting entrepreneurship, he said, adding that American and Israeli universities were miles ahead.

The best is yet to come

Klein also explained he believes most sectors are yet to be significantly disrupted.

Most of the disruption thus far has been in the more obvious sectors, and he sees the tech market as far from saturated.

TCN in Dublin

Tech City News has feet on the ground at the Dublin Web Summit and will be streaming Centre Stage every day.

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