Royal Mail launches 3D printing trial with iMakr

Europe’s largest consumer 3D printing company iMakr is teaming up with the Royal Mail for a project that will see printers used in the latter’s London delivery offices.

The post service is looking to gauge interest in the new technology during a month long trial. The pilot scheme will run from December 8th until the new year.

Customers will be able to order ready-to-print items and have them delivered. The products will be brought to life in one of the Royal Mail’s Central London delivery offices.

Trialling emerging tech

“3D printing is an emerging technology that has many applications and offers an innovative way to create unique or personalised objects,” said Mike Newnham, Royal Mail CCO.

“It can be prohibitively expensive for consumers or small businesses to invest in a 3D printer, so we are launching a pilot to gauge interest in 3D printing to sit alongside Royal Mail’s e-commerce and delivery capability.”

Customers can also bring their own designs to the delivery office or iMakr store to have their creation made.

More and more 3D

iMakr stores launched in April 2013 and specialise in all things 3D printing. It has one store located in Clerkenwell, Central London and in 2014 opened a second shop in New York.

The company also runs MyMiniFactory, an online catalogue of existing 3D models which can then be printed.