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Recruitment platform Jobvite comes to the UK

Recruitment platform Jobvite is entering into the British market following a successful round of Series D funding, raising $25m.

The Shoreditch-based team will focus on serving and expanding Jobvite’s customer base in the UK—which includes DataSift, Gamesys and Design Bridge—and growing its European presence.

David Lahey, VP international at Jobvite, said: “The opening of a UK office is a key milestone for Jobvite. The UK and wider European markets are at an exciting stage of development.

“In the UK for example, the economy is strong and skilled employees are in high demand, but in short supply. The Jobvite team looks forward to helping companies in Western Europe find the talent needed to fuel their growth and achieve their business objectives. We’re confident our existing and future clients will benefit from our extended local presence.”

Jobvite initially gained massive market share in the heart of Silicon Valley with companies like Coppola Wines, GameFly, Logitech and Square. Globally, Jobvite currently fuels the growth of thousands of companies, including Twitter and SEGA.

The recruitment market in the UK is poised for change. Recent Office of National Statistics figures revealed that the unemployment rate for February to April 2015 was 5.5%, down from 6.6% a year ago—a testament to a changing market that was previously hamstrung by the recession.

As employment figures keep rising, recruitment and HR professionals will need to adopt new and innovative practices and solutions if they hope to attract the best and brightest candidates.

With technology playing an increasingly significant role in how we engage with brands, future employers and each other, Jobvite is in a prime position. It can help recruiters and HR professionals to increase engagement, reduce time to hire and build stronger employer brands.

Alex Shepherd, Recruitment Manager at Gamesys, said: “As an online gaming company, we work in an incredibly competitive market. Using Jobvite has enabled us to quickly attract the best talent, time and time again.

“We believe that we, and many other companies in the UK, will benefit immensely from Jobvite’s expansion into this market. With so many sectors facing a skills shortage it is becoming increasingly important to meet the talent where they’re active—on social channels and mobile devices. Jobvite can help you do this effortlessly.”

Jobvite’s new UK offices have been established at Central Working in Shoreditch—a part of the Mayor’s Office Touchdown partnership programme—at the heart of London’s up and coming tech hub.