Rapid 15-minute COVID-19 antigen testing now at outdoor cinemas in UK

Rapid Antigen Test

The COVID-19 pandemic has put almost everyone across the world in quarantine and brought the economies of many countries to a standstill. Every country across the globe is making efforts to increase its COVID-19 testing to get a better perception of the on-ground situation in the country. 

COVID-19 test at the outdoor cinema theatre

In this regard, Synoptic, a UK-based tech company, and Luna Cinema, an open-air and pop up cinema company, has come up with an innovative new pilot which aims to test 63,840 people for COVID-19 at drive-in cinema sites over the next three weeks.

Rapid antigen test

The collaboration enables those attending Luna drive-in events to receive a rapid antigen test that can return results within 15 minutes – overseen by a GMC trained medical professional from the comfort and security of their own car. 

This project runs from December 4 to December 22nd and has the potential to issue up to 3,040 tests a day across existing Luna cinema sites in London, Birmingham, and Ascot. 

Before arrival, attendees would be given the option to purchase an integrated testing service using Medatest’s Spring rapid antigen test for £18 added to the cost of the event which would then be administered inside their car. 

Alongside this, they would also be given access to Synoptics’ Reactivate app, an innovative risk management solution which enables them to log their test and manage associated risk and infection spread. 

The app securely connects the database with test and trace infrastructure so that they can be notified of any positive cases. A network of contacts associated with a positive case can also be notified via the app or text message.

Commenting on this launch, Graeme Scott CEO of Synoptic said:

“One of the limitations of current COVID-19 testing initiatives is that they are not inconvenient settings where the public wants to engage. Once a test has been processed, there is also a lack of emphasis on risk management and data sharing, which only serves to drive infection risk. 

 Our partnership with Luna Cinemas is designed to address these problems, enabling convenient testing of large groups in a closed environment. Those attending Luna events will have the option to receive a 15-minute COVID-19 test from the safety of their car, whilst having access to the Synoptic Reactivate app, which is designed to track infection risk and ensure that those exposed to the virus are notified and can self-isolate accordingly. 

Not only does this project have the potential to test 63,840 people, but it will provide crucial lessons for how we can continue to hold public events in a safe way, whilst the UK remains gripped by the Covid-19 pandemic”

 George Wood, CEO of Luna Cinemas said:

 “We are delighted to be partnering with Synoptic on this project to offer our Winter Luna Drive-In Cinema audiences the chance to access an innovative software platform and testing capacity, whilst enjoying their favourite Christmas film on the big screen.

 2020 has been an undeniably challenging year for the events and hospitality industry; it is crucial that the private sector develops innovative solutions around how we can continue to offer services that allow people to enjoy cultural experiences out of the home, whilst at the same time embracing the changes to everyday life that help to ensure safety. Testing is an obvious solution that enables people to confidently meet up with family members or those outside their bubble when they are able. This project provides a model to achieve this, offering testing in accessible, secure settings whilst enabling access to easy-to-use technology which is so important for risk management”.