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Q&A: Nigel Eccles of FanDuel on what makes a unicorn tick

Tech City News talks to Nigel Eccles, CEO and co-founder of one of FanDuel, which recently achieved unicorn status (valued at more than $1bn).

The Northern Irishman, who has been announced as one of the main speakers for the upcoming ICONS Festival in Belfast, has guided FanDuel from its launch in 2009 and to its current position where it is scheduled to pay out $2bn in prizes this year.

With offices in Edinburgh, Glasgow, New York, Orlando and LA, and its recent rise to unicorn status, FanDuel continues to have strong growth ambitions. We ask Eccles what makes FanDuel tick.

Q: What a great year for FanDuel, what are your plans  for the next one?

A: Firstly, our focus is continuing to scale the business. In 2014 our business grew 3x year on year, so we have to invest a lot to keep ahead of that growth. To do that we are continuing to invest in our product to maintain it as the leading daily fantasy sports experience....