PropTech startup Realyse closes £500,000 Seed

Realyse Seed

PropTech startup Realyse has announced the closure of a £500,000 Seed funding round.

The round was led by Rajiv Nathwani, who runs property specialist private finance company Quivira Capital Ltd.

Realyse also drew support from investors including Round Hill Capital, Pi Labs and Anthemis Group.

Gavriel Merkado, the CEO, commented on the raise: “I am incredibly excited by the potential to use this funding round to radically update how the property industry uses data, and very proud of all the hard work the team has put into building what is arguably, already the leading data system for property developers in the UK.”

“It is unacceptable that almost £5bn annually is lost by businesses in wasted time and missed investment opportunities,” he added.

Nathwani spoke about his decision to invest in the property analytics company: “Until now, property has been behind-the-times in terms of utilising big data. I am very excited to be involved with Realyse, the cutting-edge data specialist set to revolutionise this market.

“Realyse’s data is unique and challenges current offerings from the likes of the UK House Price Index (HPI); progress Britain’s property professionals have been calling out for,” he concluded.