PropTech startup Built-ID lands £1.1m

Savannah de Savary

PropTech firm Built-ID, previously known as IndustryHub, has raised £1.1m from investors including Pi Labs.

The company also drew investment from a series of backers in the UK and the US including property investors Nick Leslau, Nigel Wray and Sandy Gumm.

Built-ID allows anyone to identify the project teams behind properties and to showcase their work with potential clients, investors and partners by holding up their smartphone to a building.

Savannah de Savary, CEO and founder, spoke about the raise: “IndustryHub’s evolution into Built-ID marks a coming of age, as our member base continues to grow at an exponential rate ahead of our hard launch next month.

“What is significant is that our forthcoming features will make the platform far more than just a showcase of inspiring professionals: it will digitise and democratise word-of-mouth property industry insight,” added the founder.

De Savary came up with the idea while sat in a meeting with a big real estate development firm in New York in a bid to make it easier for people to track down suitable professionals quickly and efficiently.

Leslau explained why he invested in the company: “Built-ID is the tool for literally anyone, whether property professional or someone looking to carry out a refurbishment, who has ever been wowed by an amazing building or some part of it and wanted to instantly discover who was involved in its creation and execution.

“I believe Built-ID has the potential to transform how people interact with the built environment. If you want to fit-out the smallest shop, create the biggest office building or design the ultimate resort, Built-ID will save you enormous amounts of time and with their extensive and continuing buildings database they will become the go-to platform for anyone interested in buildings and the people behind them,” he added.