Pocket App winner in design awards

App developer Pocket App been named silver winner in both the ‘Best New Service or Application’ and ‘Community’ categories of the UK App Design Awards, for its work on apps, 999eye and My Poppy.

The 999eye mobile solution was developed for the West Midlands Fire Service to help emergency operators to accurately determine the best response required for an emergency call, by allowing the caller to livestream footage directly to the operator. My Poppy is a new app that allows supporters of the annual Poppy Appeal campaign to digitally send a donation to the Royal British Legion.

Paul Swaddle, CEO of Pocket App, said: “We are thrilled that not only one, but two of our projects have been recognised by these awards. While they are in totally separate industry sectors, at the heart of both of these projects was the need to strengthen the operations of the West Midlands Fire Service and the Royal British Legion through the power of mobile, and we see these awards as confirmation that we have achieved that goal.”

Other winners of the UK App Design Awards 2015 included projects from national and global organisations such as BBC, Rolls-Royce, Pacemaker, West Midlands Fire Service, Pocket App, BMW, Virgin media, Transport for London, Hilton Hotels and Jaguar Talk.