Playbrush, a smart device that transforms children’s toothbrushes into a video game controller, has landed £500,000 in seed funding from angel Hansi Hansmann.

The device, which seeks to encourage children to brush their teeth for at least two minutes a day, enables them to control games on a smartphone or tablet using their brushing movements.

Paul Varga, CEO of Playbrush, spoke about why he decided to launch the product: “I was inspired by my godson who would not brush his teeth properly, just watching brushing videos on an iPad with a stationary toothbrush.

“Playbrush was the perfect way to encourage him to see the benefit of moving the toothbrush around his mouth,” added the CEO.

The company says it will use the funds to scale distribution and enhace its online marketing efforts.

Additionally, the startup will also use the funds to aid the development of games and feedback apps to build a platform for kids’ daily tooth brushing.

Currently, Playbrush has two games: Utoothia – focused on getting children to brush specifically in the right areas for the right amount of time – and Utoothia Sky, designed for younger children to help them become independent brushers.