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PeoplePerHour launches ‘Uber for digital work’

The team behind freelancing platform PeoplePerHour has launched a smart solution for procuring short-term help with digital tasks.

SuperTasker uses algorithms, rather than lengthy bidding processes, to allocate quick digital projects like image resizing, photo retouching and Wordpress hacking.

Current pricing on SuperTasker indicate that a freelancer could be looking at anything from $5 to edit an image per hour, up to $150 for a day’s worth of infographic design, with results delivered from the selected person ‘within hours’. Buyers can pay monthly for access to freelance digital talent on demand.

The company says competitor platforms rely on the customer to do too much of the work and they want to disrupt what they estimate is a $1trn industry.

Founder & CEO Xenios Thrasyvoulou said:

“Once technology gets smart enough it should do a lot of the search and select that you are asked to do yourself today. Eliminating choice is beautiful if you can get the same or better end results. In the Uber analogy, you don’t want to interview your Uber driver, you want them to turn up fast and take you from A to B safely. The same holds with many other micro-jobs such as 1-hour fixes to template sites and quick design edits”

“The result is more accurate, cheaper and faster.”