Partnership to deliver location segments for ad serving platforms

Tamoco has announced a new partnership with Audiens to deliver precise location-based segments in ad serving platforms, helping advertisers to target consumers more effectively.

Tamoco is a large proximity network, while Audiens is a customer data platform. The partnership allows advertisers to gain more precise insight into their audience members through their existing ad-serving solutions.

It also makes Tamoco’s location segments instantly available in leading platforms such as DoubleClick, AppNexus and Adform. It also makes it easier for advertisers to access Tamoco’s location data through platforms such as The Trade Desk, Adobe and Facebook.

Tamoco has 1 billion proximity sensors worldwide, collecting data on over 100 million devices, with more than 5 million of those coming from the UK. The product enables businesses to build better products, understand audiences and make better business decisions by using powerful mobile device data. Testament to the success of the product, Tamoco has previously worked on projects with industry giants including Uber, Heineken and The Coca-Cola Company.

“What this partnership represents is an opportunity for brands to understand their target audience’s habits and movements with greater accuracy than ever before,” founder and executive chairman of Tamoco, Sam Amrani, said.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Audiens and we’re really passionate about the difference that this partnership will bring to the industry and to our clients.”

Tamoco said that as a result of the partnership, advertisers can now reduce campaign wastage and target consumers effectively by using more precise location-based audiences.

“The move will allow savvy brands and agencies to more accurately fine-tune their campaigns based on how consumers behave in the offline world,” Amrani said. “This creates more specific and customisable segments which can be used to further personalise advertising.”