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Partech Ventures closes €100m investment fund to boost global tech

Romain Lavault Partech Ventures

Partech Ventures has announced the closure of its €100m Seed fund, known as ‘Partech Entrepreneur II’ to boost its tech investment across the globe.

Investors in the fund include 90 entrepreneurs and business angels, as well as senior executives from the likes of Twitter, Microsoft, Apple, Oracle and Dropbox.

The new tech investment fund will continue to pursue the pan-European and transatlantic Seed strategy that has been implemented since the launch of a €30m fund in 2013.

Over the past 18 months, Partech Ventures has made more than 50 investments in Europe and the US.

UK tech investment

Back in August, Romain Lavault, general partner at Partech, told Tech City News: “We meet 4,000 startups per year, of which probably a few hundred are from the UK. Last year we made five investments in the UK. That’s the typical ratio.”

The VC firm co-led Kantox’s €10m funding round in May 2015, and was the lead investor in Made.com’s $60m round. It has also backed UK tech firms Brandwatch and Push Doctor.

Partech Ventures has also made undisclosed investments in Newcastle-based freight shipping platform Kontainers, blockchain application firm Monax and Blink, a bot messaging service.