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Download of the Week: Peek

Each week I trawl through the internet’s jumble sale of apps to bring you a cool, new app that will hopefully improve your life in some way. (Big ask but I’ll try).

There are endless calendar apps & productivity apps with built in calendars.

Peek has a place on my smartphone

Does the world really need another calendar app?

Particularly an app that has minimal functionality but is pretty and colourful?

After testing out Peek this week, I decided that this latest app does indeed have a place on my smartphone.

Peek is our download of the week and promises to humanise your calendar.

Watch a demo of Peek in action in the Week in Tech.

I found it to be a simple, beautiful calendar interface that could help solve your daily stress. It won’t replace your main calendar as it only gives you a glimpse into your daily activities, but that’s the point.

Adding clarity to your diary

Instead of overwhelming you with information it offers you a snapshot of your day. The focus is on a gesture based design that is intuitive and natural for the user.


Aside from the clean, simple design, it has some quirky features such as the natural gesture shading, which in plain English means that if you shade your phone’s screen with your hand – it replicates this on the app and shows you the time.

Peek-Photo11Peek is available for download today on iOS for £1.49.

Could your app be download of the week?

If you have an app you think deserves a feature, drop me a line at:

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