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Octopus Ventures’ Alex Macpherson opens up about success, his mistakes and strategy

The 2007-2008 financial crisis was an inflexion point for the UK technology industry. Talented students and MBA graduates were catapulted into the world of employment at a time when opportunities were relatively scarce.

“It was the biggest change in the past 10 years. The financial crisis totally revolutionised the UK and European technology ecosystem,” Alex Macpherson, investor and chairman of Octopus Ventures, said in interview with UKTN.

Various factors seemingly contributed to the maturity of the sector. Fewer bright minds wanting to, or being unable to, enter the world of traditional employment meant technology companies were able to recruit talent more easily. That generation, Macpherson added, also had a greater sense of responsibility and shied away from say, banking, because of the stigma attached to it at the time. ...