Nodes & Links has raised £1.4m in a seed round led by ADV and participation from Seedcamp and Entrepreneur First to increase the performance of complex projects around the world across all industries.

Complex projects account for over 4% of the world’s GDP, yet only 7.8% are completed on budget and to time.

Greg Lawton, CEO at Nodes & Links, said: “The world of the future will not look like the one today: it will have hyperloops; space travel; sustainable living and total global interconnectivity.

“All aspects of change will be driven in one way or another by complex projects. Through this investment we can accelerate our work to make these endeavours more efficient and effective.

“By taming complexity, we will enter a new era of productivity with the complex projects we undertake, achieving what was before thought to be impossible.”

The London-based company has developed technology to quantify and control the effects of complexity.

Its most recent deployments included de-risking the maintenance plan for a UK-based Nuclear Reactor and improving upon the industry-standard Critical Path Method by over 2,800% in the aerospace domain.

Nodes & Links is now building its capability into a hybrid-collective intelligence called Aegis and partnering with some of the world’s largest organisations to deploy its intelligence.

Lawton continued: “By quantifying the causal and probabilistic relationships that exist between project KPIs and human actions we give managers, sponsors and executives confidence in the delivery of their most ambitious endeavours.

“Moreover, we give them the opportunity to improve and learn over time. The change that we are ushering in is as philosophically important as automation was for manufacturing and agile was for software development, and that is really exciting.

“Through this investment we will be able to accelerate our growth and continue our work on producing world-leading research.”

Tong Gu, Investment Lead at ADV, commented: “Nodes & Links are laser-focused on understanding and interpreting complexity for project leaders.

“The founders have a strong combination of theoretical and commercial experience in the field.

“Early progress has shown us the size of the potential future and we’re really excited to see this become reality.”