A recent study of UK consumers found that over a quarter of Brits would be happy to buy a car online, having never seen the vehicle in person.

The study, conducted by automotive retailer Peter Vardy, analysed the latest consumer data from the Office of National Statistics which shows that online shopping is bigger than ever, with £1 in every £5.50 being spent on online purchases.

When it comes to spending large amounts on a single online purchase, the research shows that British shoppers are open to spending big on digital purchases. Over a third of consumers stated that they would spend up to £1,000 on a single purchase from an online store, with the most popular purchases covering holidays, electronics and furniture.

However, over a quarter of British consumers stated they would be happy to go even bigger by purchasing a car online, having never seen the vehicle or taken it for a test drive.

Scotland is home to the most advanced online shoppers in the country, with 40% of those in Glasgow and 45% of those in Edinburgh stating they would happily purchase a car online without seeing it in person.  When it comes to the exact amount shoppers are willing to part with online for big ticket items, 1 in 10 British shoppers stated they were happy to spend up to £25,000 on a single online purchase. 

And it’s not just price that is driving shoppers towards online shopping for high value items, with over a third (39%) stating that they mainly prefer online shopping as they don’t have to talk to salespeople or be in crowded places.

18-24 year olds are the most likely to shun the high street, with 46% stating that they would be happy to purchase high value items online, as long as they don’t have to speak to anyone regarding the purchase.

Whilst this could point to a worrying trend of social avoidance, it also shows that shoppers are taking back control and utilising online resources to research their purchase options before buying, as opposed to discussing the finer details with a sales professional.