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Media Distillery raises £2.7M: Dutch startup strives to change the map of video search with AI

Media Distillery
Image credits: Media Distillery

Amsterdam-based Media Distillery is a leading provider of AI technology, which understands what’s inside video. It was founded in 2014 to solve the ever-rising challenge faced by TV Operators and broadcasters to understand what is in large amounts of video content automatically.

Eyes international expansion

In a recent development, Media Distillery raised €3M (nearly £2.7M) from a group of entrepreneurs and executives from the global TV and broadcast industry. The investment will be deployed to fuel the international expansion and extend the analysis technology platform with revolutionary video discovery products.

With this investment, the Amsterdam-based company brings a committed and experienced group onboard. The fresh talent will be able to help the company succeed and scale in the international TV industry. The investment will let Media Distillery accelerate the expansion of its team, scale its research and development teams that work on more complex content discovery solutions, and focus on its international business growth.

Roland Sars, CEO of Media Distillery said: “The commercial potential of creating a ‘sticky’ video environment is enormous when consumers are engaged to a video platform that is personalized to one’s interests and when they can discover relevant content in the blink of an eye. Media Distillery’s use of AI technology to tackle these matters and gives video platforms the opportunity to set themselves apart from competition and boost viewership metrics.”

Geert Vos, CTO and Founder of Media Distillery said: “Our team is working hard every day to make an impact on the viewing experience of millions of consumers worldwide and this funding from leaders within our industry shows us we are on the right track, is a boost to our growth ambitions and stimulates us to continue innovating.”

Deep Content Understanding technology

Media Distillery was founded by Geert Vos in 2014, which comes at the right time when the video industry is experiencing a tremendous shift in consumer behaviour. The company’s award-winning Deep Content Understanding technology has helped it analyse over 7.5 million hours of video content in 2020. It claims to have impacted over 40 million global viewers on a daily basis.

The technology can analyse video content and automatically determine relevant events, topics or specific time markets in real-time and cloud-based. It creates an ultimate user experience, increased engagement, loyalty and consumer satisfaction. The technology of Media Distillery is used globally by leading video platform providers including Telenet (Belgium), YouSee (Denmark), Eutelsat (France), Proximus (Belgium), and VTR (Chile).