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Mayor of London recognises tech’s role in London’s future

Boris Johnson needs you

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has outlined his agenda to secure London’s future as the “best big city in the world” – and, of course, tech has an important role to play

Speaking at City Hall today, Mayor of London Boris Johnson presented his vision for London’s future growth, highlighting the importance of digital skills for the future of the city.

Outlining his aspirations for London, Johnson focused mainly on the importance of investing in education, transport infrastructure and housing for the capital’s future. But tech did feature as well, in particular the importance of digital skills.

Referring to the growing number of tech and creative startups in east London, Johnson said that “strange new mushrooms are sprouting in Shoreditch”.

But, in his newly-published manifesto, “2020 Vision: The Greatest City on Earth”, Johnson also recognises that there is a future for tech in King’s Cross, where Google will house its one million sq ft UK headquarters.

Tech City response

Joanna Shields, chief executive of Tech City and UK Business Ambassador for Digital Industries, was at the launch of Johnson’s “2020 Vision”.

She said: “Through a bold vision, London’s combination of creativity, entrepreneurship and investment opportunities have secured our position as Europe’s digital capital.

“Digital skills are the currency of the future and increasing the number of apprenticeships and workplace opportunities are vital to our continued growth. We look forward to working with the Mayor to boost digital skills, establish entrepreneurship as a credible career path and make London the best place to imagine, start and grow a business.”


London’s future depends on stable and continuous investment in housing and infrastructure projects, Johnson added, which would guarantee that people would continue to flock to the capital to study, start their careers, start new businesses and bring up their families without feeling the need to relocate elsewhere.

“Post-Olympic London has an amazing story to tell of a city that is leading the UK out of recession as the best place to work, live, play, study, invest and do business,” he said. “My goal is to lengthen London’s lead as the greatest city on earth.”

London has its challenges to overcome, however.

“To succeed, we must recognise the test of our mettle that lies ahead, not least a million more people in the next decade and a vast shortage of homes in an uncompromising global economy. This shows us why the government must invest in London’s future for the good of the whole of the UK and exactly why we must continue to attract international investment,” Johnson explained.

“I want this vision to be one which sparks the imagination of every Londoner as well as business leaders and government officials.”

image credit: wikimedia commons