London’s mobile performance not all it’s made out to be

London’s mobile performance is far from best in the UK, lagging behind Liverpool, Manchester, Coventry and Birmingham.

According to RootMetrics, a leading provider of mobile performance information, despite the thriving tech and business sectors, Londoner only get the fifth best coverage in the country.

The data captured is from the first half of 2014 and shows Liverpool leading the way. Scores were averaged across mobile internet, calls and text.

Ready for 5G?

London was one of the first cities to receive 4G and has already been championed by Boris Johnson to be the first city in the world to get 5G.

EE has made a particularly big deal of high speed rollout across London, including a new 300 Mbps network.

However, London is far from leading the way in the UK, ranking as low as 14th in call performance. It ranked 4th in both mobile internet and text performance.

London’s broadband no better

It also comes amid recent complaints about the standard of London’s broadband speed.

It was revealed in April that an Essex street had the slowest broadband in the country.

In August, BT announced they would trial new fibre technology in various locations across the country including Tech City to battle the sub-par broadband speeds.

‘Importance to UK economy’

Bill Moore, President and CEO of RootMetrics, said he was surprised by London’s low ranking.

Given its importance to the UK economy and our increasing reliance on mobile devices for commerce, it is a surprise that London did not come in first in a single category and, overall, only came fifth.

RootMetrics drove over 25,000 miles across the country to collect the data.

Full results, weighted by mobile network, are below.




Weighted Performance Average: Overall

1 Liverpool 92.53
2 Manchester 90.92
3 Coventry 90.14
4 Birmingham 89.64
5 London 88.86
6 Edinburgh 88.42
7 Nottingham 88.11
8 Leicester 87.16
9 Belfast 87.13
10 Newcastle 87.05
11 Bristol 86.75
12 Glasgow 86.34
13 Sheffield 85.44
14 Cardiff 84.38
15 Leeds and Bradford 83.54
16 Hull 78.49