London’s Improbable launches mass simulation tech SpatialOS

London-based startup Improbable has used its spot at Finland’s Slush conference to launch its distributed operating system SpatialOS, which is designed to enable developers to build dynamic online worlds at mass-scale.

Improbable was founded in 2012 and received a $20m Series A round from Andreessen Horowitz back in March this year to help support the development of its potentially-world-saving, cloud-based simulation technology.

The company says its simulations will be as easy to publish as a web app, with millions of potential users across the world’s connected devices.

“To really understand the complex systems that drive our world we need to move from just looking at patterns in past data to actually recreating the world with powerful simulations,” said cofounder and CEO Herman Narula.

“To unlock the promise of virtual reality, we need to move from simple games to true virtual worlds.

“However, powerful simulation has always been hindered by the inability of developers to integrate and scale existing models easily, or to run them at massive scale or in real time.

“SpatialOS solves that problem and will make simulation a ubiquitous technology.”