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London tech firm Apical acquired in $350m deal


Apical, an imaging specialist tech firm headquartered in London, has been acquired by ARM for $350m.

Founded in 2002, Apical currently employs approximately 100 people and claims to have embedded its technology in more than 1.5 billion smartphones.

Michael Tusch, CEO and founder of Apical, commented on the acquisition: “Apical has led the way with new imaging technologies based on extensive research into human vision and visual processing.

“The products developed by Apical already enable cameras to understand their environment and to act on the most relevant information by employing intelligent processing. These technologies will advance as part of ARM, driving value for its partners as they push deeper into markets where visual computing will deliver a transformation in device capabilities and the way humans interact with machines,” he added.

ARM, a semiconductor and software design company, which launched approximately 25 years ago in Cambridge, says 80% of the world’s total population now use its technology.

The acquisition closed yesterday.