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Edozo, London proptech bags £2M to fuel growth and more

London-based Edozo is a software platform providing mapping and market data to the property industry. Also, it is one of the fastest growing property technology platforms in the UK. Now, the company has secured £2 million from venture investors in the first half of 2021.

Plans to scale in 2022

The investment round was led by existing investor Blackfinch Ventures along with new investors including Juno Capital. The funding will enable Edozo to scale up to a multi-product platform by 2022. This is possible by growing the market share, developing new products and upscaling the team.

Notably, the investment comes at a tough time for the UK economy, but shows the confidence that investors have in Edozo’s growth and the value of the Proptech sector.

Edozo CEO and co-Founder Marcus Ginn said; “The support that many existing investors and new backers are showing for Edozo’s growth plans underlines their belief in our vision and confidence that our products provide solutions that are essential to the sector.Our simple to use, flexibly priced technology products already help to provide huge efficiency gains to our customers and with our growth and investment in a multi-use platform the savings will only increase.”

Dr Reuben Wilcock from Blackfinch Ventures said; “We have been an investor in Edozo since 2019 and believe they are offering products and services that are hugely needed in the property sector to help it find efficiencies and grow.”

Edward Rudd, Partner at Juno Capital said: “Now is absolutely the right time to invest in Edozo. They are developing new tech solutions, which, with the right financial support can help to transform the commercial property industry. The Proptech sector is defying many negative patterns in business since the pandemic began and we believe Edozo has a strong growth plan.”

Transforms real estate industry

Founded by Marcus Ginn and surveyor Andrew Peacock, Edozo works with the vision to transform the commercial real estate sector with simpler and more affordable technology. Now, the business is expanding from providing the sector’s leading digital mapping system to a multi-product platform combining property mapping and data products.

With an aim to transform the industry still reliant on manual research and legacy software, Edozo is bringing an accessible, easy-to-use online solution that reduces the time for property professionals including valuers, agents and investors, to research and value commercial real estate.

Last year, Edozo added a set of new features including CAD (Computer Aided Design) compatible functionality and updates to its comparable data product. These helped the company attract customers in new sectors of the property market.