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London named most desirable city to work in – especially for tech

London has beaten New York, Paris and Silicon Valley as the most desirable place to work, particularly for those working for tech.

More people want to work in London than any other city in the world, according to research by Boston Consulting Group and

The British capital has also come out on top for tech workers. A survey by recruitment firm Hydrogen Group finding that within the tech sector 41 per cent of respondents who had relocated for employment had chosen London, again more than any other city.

London: a hub for culture

Both surveys highlighted the cultural attraction to London.

Mike Booker, international director at, believes the report “cements London’s reputation as a truly global city”.

Not only does it offer a wealth of job opportunities in a range of industries, but it boasts some of the world’s top cultural attractions, so it’s no surprise that people across the globe want to come and work here.

Many respondents to the Hydrogen Group survey felt London had the perfect mix of improving their overall career prospects, maximising their earning potential and gaining new experiences.

80% anticipated staying in London longer than originally intended.

Not just startups

The same Hydrogen Group survey found that it wasn’t just the thriving startup scene that was bringing tech talent to London.

The decisions of leading technology brands such as Google, Apple, Amazon and Bloomberg to establish bases in the city have given London the edge over its European rivals.

However, other European cities such as Berlin, Dublin and Amsterdam are all hot on London’s heels and Tim Smeaton, CEO of Hydrogen Group, believes that London needs to keep up its supply of tech talent to continue to compete.

The government needs to make sure that there is the opportunity for the right calibre tech professionals to work here to maintain our status as a leading global hub; companies need to recognise that talent is available globally and is keen to work here.