Heroes, London e-commerce startup secures £145M funding to fuel growth


London-based Heroes is an e-commerce startup focused on acquiring and scaling small-sized category-leading consumer brands. Now, the startup closed $200 million (nearly £145 million) investment for its growth.

The investment round was led by US-based investor Crayhill Capital Management. The funds will be used for the next phase of Heroes’ rapid growth and enable it to acquire and scale consumer brands across the world.

Riccardo Bruni, Co-founder, said: “We’ve achieved incredible growth since our launch in October 2020 and we are excited to be partnering with Crayhill Capital Management to support us on the next phase of our journey. By adding this significant amount of capital, we now have a high level of flexibility in executing on our growth plans and significantly expand and further diversify our brand portfolio. We look forward to continuing our work with the new wave of outstanding entrepreneurs to give them a fast, seller-friendly and reliable way to sell their business, so they can reap the fruits of the hard work they have put into building their brands.”

Growth amidst pandemic

Founded by brothers Riccardo Bruni and Alessio Bruni in October 2020, Heroes empowers the next generation of e-commerce entrepreneurs to reap the rewards of their hard work through a fair and fast exit. The company uses a proprietary approach to identify, assess, acquire and optimise e-commerce brands, which enables it to complete brand acquisitions in just three weeks.

Amidst the pandemic, Heroes has scaled its business in the UK, the EU, North America and Asia. This has been through multiple acquisitions that has enabled it to build a portfolio of category-leading consumer brands operating on global Amazon marketplaces. The company employs over 70 staff globally with a view to doubling headcount by the end of the year.

As per the company, some of the acquired brands having grown as much as 5x in 6 months post acquisition.