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London becomes top global hub for impact tech, VC investments increased by almost 800%

Image credits: IR Stone/Shutterstock

In recent years, numerous investors are looking to pump money into purpose-driven tech solutions, as various startups across the world are working to tackle issues like climate crisis and social inequality. 

In general, the impact tech startup refers to any company addressing one or more of the 17 UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), including climate action, clean energy, gender equality, and zero hunger.

London – The fastest growing global hub for impact tech

According to the latest report from London & Partners and, London is cementing itself as a top global hub for impact tech. In fact, the VC investment into London’s purpose-driven tech companies has increased by almost 800% (7.8 times) since 2015, compared to 3.1 times in Europe as a whole. ...