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London-based tech startup picks $1M seed funding to automatically add subtitles to videos

Image credits: Subly

Based out of London, Subly makes content simple by automatically transcribing, translating, and adding subtitles. 

The company recently raised $1 million funding from Loyal VC, Wayra (Telefónica), and AI Startup Incubator. Besides, global Angel investors also invested in the company. 

The funding will be used to develop and improve Subly services and technologies, expand the team, and continue the expansion, with customers currently in over 150 countries.

Simple-to-use tool

Founded by Holly Stephens and Keyvan Kasaei in 2019, Subly is a simple-to-use online subtitling, transcription, and translation platform which allows creators and businesses to transcribe, translate and subtitle content without the professional skills needed. 

The company has a fully remote global team based in the UK, Spain, The Netherlands, and Australia.

The platform and team behind Subly have helped over 65,000 creators and 7,000 businesses so far. Currently, the company serves some of the top Fortune 500 companies as well. 

Andy Ayim, Investor and Director at The Angel Investing School said: “As a content creator when I create video content for socials and my online courses, I am always conscious about inclusivity and widening my reach. That’s how I first learned about how effortless it is to use Subly for all my subtitles. I was sold as a customer and had the privilege to join as an investor too.”

“We’re thrilled to announce our Seed raise at Subly,” said Subly CEO, Holly Stephens. “This round is earlier than expected due to our exponential growth during 2020 and the interest from global investors to further accelerate the growth of Subly. We’ve seen incredible interest in, and use of, our platform over the last year due to more online content being created than ever, and the need for businesses to communicate with teams and customers virtually. Our vision remains true to help creators and businesses around the world to make global, accessible, and localised content.”

Debora Bielecki, Board Advisor at Bank of Canada and Loyal VC, and Subly investor said: “I have had the pleasure to meet many businesses and entrepreneurs, over the past few years. Every once in a while, you find a gem. Investing in Subly just made sense. With the increased need for productivity tools for employees and the speed of content consumption, Holly and the team at Subly are the creators of new subtitling capabilities driven by speed and agility. As this market is growing daily and subtitles are becoming part of our virtual lives, it just made sense to invest in Subly and their leader Holly, who has the drive and energy to lead this sector and business growth globally.”

Rob Atkinson, Pre-seed Investor and Advisor, ex Adshel, Clear Channel, and Australian Radio Network said: “Since I started advising and working with the Subly team in 2020 they’ve seen great growth in users and paid customers in both key and underserved markets. The team has found product-market fit and have great insights into their key users, enabling them to build features and technologies for the future of Subly to help all make content accessible.”

Kamal Hassan, Partner at Loyal VC commented: “We have been following Subly as shareholders for over a year now. Holly made it easy for us to help lead a follow-on round by just delivering business basics, acquiring good customers at low cost with a simple solution that solved their problems.”

Luisa Rubio, Head of Wayra X commented: “At Wayra (Telefónica) we are witnessing rapid growth in the digital content creation market, a vital component in any online strategy. The Subly the team stands out for offering a simple and quick tool to help all those content creators who need to professionalise and make their work more effective.”