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Exclusive: London-based startup Checkstep raises £1.3M funding to employ AI-based content moderation solution

Checkstep ceo
Image credits: Checkstep

A gargantuan amount of data is posted online every day, and it becomes really difficult to ensure that all of it is non-toxic or harmful. To make this process easier, multiple companies such as Facebook, YouTube and others hire teams of moderators, whose sole purpose is to go through and vet comments and posted data. A solution to help speed up the process is to use Artificial Intelligence or AI, which is exactly what the London-based startup Checkstep offers. 

Checkstep uses AI-based solutions that can deliver contextual moderation. Since it is a software based solution, it is obviously bound to be faster than humans. The company has now announced a £1.3 million funding round, which will help them further develop their offerings. In addition, they have hired Kyle Dent as their Head of AI Ethics. 

Bigwigs participated in the funding 

The latest seed round for Checkstep was led by Shutterstock’s Founder Jon Oringer, the former Chief Business Officer CBO of Uber, Emil Michael, and Microsoft’s former head of Corporate Strategy Charles Songhurst. VCs, Angel and private investors also supported the raise. This new funding will be used by the company to advance its scale-to-market plans and hire more people....