London-based software firm Vita Mojo has raised £3.28m on equity crowdfunding platform Crowdcube.

As part of the campaign, the company secured £1m from Elior Group, a global catering company.

Vita Mojo attracted the support of 1,179 investors for 14.15% equity and reached a post-money valuation of £23.1m. Its pre-money valuation was £19.8m.

Co-founders Nick Popovici and Stefan Catoiu said they will use the funding to expand the business across the UK by leasing their white label software to other restaurants.

Popovici said: “Personalisation is a win-win for the consumer and the restaurant. It increases customer satisfaction as everyone gets exactly what they want and keeps them coming back to try new combinations.

“The timing couldn’t be better as we’re tapping into a number of key trends: the rapid growth of the healthy food industry and millennials demanding more personalisation. The eating-out market is worth more than £70bn a year just in the UK.”

Launched last year, Vita Mojo harnesses technology to allow customers to design their own meals and create tailored, healthy eating options.

Using either in-store iPads, the company’s app or website, customers can pick each ingredient and adjust calories, macronutrients and quantities.

Customers can also input their weight, height, dietary requirements and fitness goals into the app, in return for customised nutritional advice.

Moving forward, the company says it is planning to link customised dining options based on users’ DNA test results.

Popovici added: “’Vita Mojo’s partnership with DNAFit is a global first – we want all our customers to have as much information as possible so they can eat to achieve their fitness goals or just to live a healthier, happier life.”