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London-based knowledge hacking app Uptime raises £11.5M to make learning fun

Image credits: Uptime

Uptime, an edtech app that presents five-minute Knowledge Hacks from the world’s best books, courses, and documentaries, has secured $16 million (approx £11.5 million) funding in a seed round from angels including, Sir Terry Leahy, William Currie, and Lord Alliance. 

The funding will be used to continue product development and help the app’s expansion into its global markets. 

How Uptime was born?

Based out of London, Uptime was born out of a vision to build a platform that makes knowledge accessible, affordable, and fun, while also being free from negativity, doom-scrolling, and advertising. 

Founded by Jamie True, Jack Bekhor, and Patrick Walker in 2019, the platform uses the combinations of advanced machine learning and human curation to identify the very best books, courses, and documentaries from the most reputable sources. The insights from these sources are distilled into a five-minute ‘Hacks,’ keeping users informed, entertained, and inspired. 

Coming soon on Android

Right now, Uptime is available on Apple App Store now and will be live from 22nd February on the Google Play Store. At launch, Uptime will offer more than 1,500 Knowledge Hacks from books, courses, and documentaries with more titles added every week.

The platform’s visual story Hacks are presented as fun, engaging and shareable snippets consisting of a unique mix of text, photos, videos, audios, and animations. Presenting the knowledge and information in this way makes it easier to digest, remember and share, claims the company. 

The app enables users to find a curated selection of dedicated content and fresh perspectives from only the most trusted experts, organisations, and sources. 

In the end, the user is presented with the option to buy the book, watch the full documentary or sign up for the course from the original source, creating additional distribution opportunities for authors and content creators to reach new audiences and markets. 

“At a time of unlimited access to information, we all need a place for safe, curated knowledge. On Uptime there is no fake news, there is no doom scrolling, there is no fluff. We only select sources of knowledge and make recommendations with fresh perspectives from authors and creators our users can trust, and on topics which matter most to them,” said co-founder Patrick Walker. 

“Our users are given a unique opportunity to explore, learn and share knowledge in a way not possible anywhere else. From a content-creator point of view, Uptime gives them a new way to reach new audiences who are engaged and willing to listen to their perspectives or discover their wisdom,” said co-founder Jamie True. 

“It’s an exciting time to be growing a dynamic new EdTech platform. To serve a global audience, we’ve built an incredible team representing 18 countries in Europe, Middle-East, Africa, Asia, and the Americas, from ages 18 to 53, and from high school diploma to M.Ed, MBA, and Ph.D. It’s truly a pleasure to work with such talent who’ve joined us from leading, innovative brands such as Benevolent AI and Bumble to the BBC, TED, and YouTube to help us with our mission to transform online learning,” said co-founder Jack Bekhor.

 Sir Terry Leahy, former CEO of Tesco who also invested in True and Bekhor’s last venture, LifeWorks, said, “There’s a lot of hyperbole in the world of investment, with apps and services being described as the ‘next big thing’, but when it comes to Uptime, I truly believe Jamie, Jack, Patrick, and their team are building the future of learning and knowledge hacking. From the team’s mission to enrich people’s lives with knowledge, to the combination of advanced technology and the unique way hacks are presented, I knew straight away that this is an investment that I wanted to make.”