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London-based electric truck pioneer Tevva secures £4.2M funding for long-range production

Image credits: Tevva

Electric truck pioneer Tevva announced that it has received £4.2 million, the majority share of a £5.7 million total grant from the UK’s Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC). 

The London-based company will use the finance for the development of Tevva’s next-generation, zero-emission, long-range medium-duty trucks (7.5 to 19t Gross Vehicle Weight). 

Ken Scott, Chief Engineer at Tevva, says: “We are humbled and proud to be receiving this grant to continue developing Tevva’s groundbreaking technology in the EV market. We are developing zero-emission solutions for higher weight class “return to base” logistics vehicles that offer true cost of ownership benefit, compared to existing diesel offerings, with extended range – which is truly revolutionary for our industry. This funding will help make this a reality in the near future.”

7.5-tonne electric truck

Last month, the UK company has unveiled the new Tevva Truck – the first British-designed 7.5-tonne electric truck intended for mass production. 

It offers a range of up to 250 km in fully electric form or up to 500 km with its patented range extender technology REX, which has now been upgraded to use hydrogen fuel cells.

Advancing SANGREAL Project

Further, the grant will be used to advance the SANGREAL Project, a £12.2 million collaboration between Tevva and Advanced Electric Machines (AEM). 

SANGREAL will create and safeguard vital UK-based research and manufacturing jobs, delivering cost and environmental benefits to the industry and to social stakeholders, and the public. 

The project involves the design and development of an innovative electric transaxle and intelligent vehicle propulsion control system with onboard telematics designed to optimise the use of the H2 Fuel Cell Range extender. 

 Jon Beasley, Business Development and Programmes Director at the Advanced Propulsion Centre, says, “The automotive industry is at a pivotal point. Great ideas will not move the dial on decarbonisation unless they are on the road and taking the place of more polluting technology.  

“The future movement of people and goods needs to be efficient and green. There has been real progress in the decarbonisation of cars to meet the UK Government’s plans to phase-out sales of new petrol and diesel cars and vans from 2030. However, the pathways for Medium and Heavy duty and long-range transport are less clear.”  

“Further innovation and technology development is needed to decarbonise our buses, HDVs, and off-highway vehicles and this is why we are delighted to be supporting Tevva and Advanced Electric Machines to deliver ground-breaking projects such SANGREAL.” 

James Widmer, CEO of Advanced Electric Machines, says, “These new technologies, when deployed, are expected to deliver market-leading performance. We are impressed by Tevva’s progress and see the true potential in the company to develop groundbreaking technology to sustain heavy weighted zero-emission trucks. We are confident that the funding provided by this grant will help drive the clean freight industry forward.”