London-based app Thrillz connects you directly with your favourite celeb, secures £1.3M funding

Thrillz team Image credits: Thrillz

With lockdowns happening worldwide, our digital content consumption went up dramatically. Performers and creators who used to perform live quickly pivoted to delivering content online. Thrillz is a UK-based startup, and their app with the same name enables such creators and helps users connect directly with celebrities. The company has now secured a £1.3 million funding and aims to expand its services.

Expansion, investment and a new COO

Investors in Thrillz include WatchMojo founder and CEO Ashkan Karbasfrooshan, A-list celebrities, family offices and strategic partners, in addition to leading executives from the private equity and venture capital industry. With the freshly procured funds, Thrillz aims to scaleup its operations. In a conversation with UKTN, Thrillz’s CEO and founder, Anjan Luthra reveals more about the company’s future plans.

The startup will also increase its team size, and Luthra notes they will expand their London and Los Angeles-based team, in addition to new business lines. He adds, “We have 9 team members, and we expect to grow this to 20 over the next 12 months.” The company will invest in developing their offerings further and in soon going international.

Tom O’Connor also joins Thrillz as their new COO and brings his experience as an employee at Travelzoo, followed by stints at Omio and Perkbox. 

Enabling creators and celebs

Thrillz claims to be transforming the creator economy as it is a ‘rapidly’ growing marketplace that enables creators and celebs to commercialise via fan engagement, corporate partnerships and exclusive content. Their app debuted in 2020, and the company claims it has grown over 100% per month, with its current valuation standing at £9.9 million.

Luthra adds, “Thrillz is a marketplace enabling creators and celebrities to commercialise via fan engagement, corporate partnerships and exclusive content. Thrillz debuted in 2020 allowing celebrities and creators to sell customised video messages, quickly expanding with the addition of live digital experiences, and corporate bookings.”


Luthra explains the company’s revenue model as well. They make revenue by taking a 25% cut of every booking celebs and creators make on their platform. They also bag celebs through partnerships, agents and by directly contacting them. As for their user base, Thrillz is said to have a community of over 10,000 users, which is expected to reach 100,000 by the end of 2021.

Thrillz app
Image credits: Thrillz

One can find celebs such as Kerry Katona, Katie Price, Paul Chuckle, Tara Reid, England Rugby World Cup winner Matt Dawson and Grammy Award winner, Mya, on the platform. Thrillz enables creators to monetise in several ways and the economics are set by each creator, with guidance from the personal account manager that’s assigned to them. Price tags range from a few pounds for a custom video message to tens of thousands for commercial endorsements.