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Lime, Dott and Tier e-scooters will be available to rent in London from June 7


In a latest development, it has been announced that e-scooters will be available to rent in London from June 7, 2021.

Lime, Dott and Tier got the tender

After a competitive and rigorous tender process, Transport for London (TfL) and London Councils have selected three e-scooter companies including Lime, Dott and Tier–available for trials as the capital recovers from Covid-19, safely and sustainably.

Now, Londoners will be able to travel from e-scooters legally in several key boroughs including Canary Wharf and the City of London as part of a 12 month trial. The main focus of the trial period will be safety, with data shared by the three chosen providers to help “shape the UK’s future policy on e-scooters”.

However, there are a set of rules that need to be followed. 

The rules set for e-scooter trials

As part of the trial, users will be limited to a maximum speed of 12.5mph. This is lower than the safety standards currently set for a national level.

Lights on the front and rear of the e-scooters must stay on during transit, day or night. And, there must be audible warning systems that are within reach without a user needing to adjust his or her grip on the handlebars.

Operators will also have their own safety standards in place – for example, first-time users must take an e-learning safety course before being able to hire a scooter.

Further, FLondon rentals must only be ridden on roads or in cycle lanes. They are not allowed on pavements or walkways.

Scooters will also be required to be parked in designated zones, with each participating borough responsible for ensuring this is enforced.

Boroughs can also specify go slow areas, whereby an e-scooter will automatically limit speed to 8mph.

Pricing will have to take into account those on lower incomes. Operators will also have to offer discounts to certain groups, including key workers.

Wayne Ting, CEO of Lime said: “We’re proud to have already served more than 400,000 Londoners through our shared e-bike service over the last three years, and are delighted to now be able to bring our latest e-scooters to London. London is one of the world’s greatest cities and we’re humbled that Transport for London and London Councils have placed their trust in us to deliver the e-scooter trial in the Capital.”

Commenting on this news, Henri Moissinac — CEO & co-founder of Dott — said: “We’re delighted to win the London tender, and this feels like just the beginning for Dott in the UK. We are proud to be a part of the trial and grateful to the TfL and London Councils for their trust. This decision is testament to the daily work of Dott’s local and international teams, who have been providing a high-quality, accessible and reliable service, since our foundation.” 

Lawrence Leuschner, CEO and Co-founder, TIER Mobility, said: “This is a hugely proud moment for TIER and we cannot wait to start working with London, a city famed for transport innovation, from constructing the first underground railway to building the world’s first international airport.

“We will be applying all of the experience and knowhow we’ve gained from other major cities to ensure that TIER’s e-scooter scheme in London is a success, not just for riders but for other road users and communities at large.”